San Fransisco Mintmark Styles
Mintmarks have changed design many times during the Lincoln Cent Series.   The San Fransisco
Mintmark "S" has actually changed 15 times!

Here is a list of all the San Fransisco mintmark styles:

Mintmark Style-001 (Blocked Serifs) used from 1909-1916
Mintmark Style-002  (Small S) used from 1917-1941
Mintmark Style-003  (Large S) used only in 1928
Mintmark Style-004  (Trumpet Tail Serifs) used from 1941-1942 and again in 1945-1952
Mintmark Style-005  (Straight Serifs) used from 1943-1944
Mintmark Style-006  (Ball Serif) used from 1944-1946
Mintmark Style-007  (Sans Serif) used from 1946-1947
Mintmark Style-008  (Tall S) used from 1952-1974
Mintmark Style-009  (Blob S) used from 1974-1979 (74 proof & business strikes, proof only 75-79)
Mintmark Style-010  used from 1979-1981(proofs only)
Mintmark Style-011  used only in 1981(proofs only)
Mintmark Style-012  used from 1982-1984 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-013  used from 1985-1989 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-014  used from 1990-1999 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-015  used from 2000-2007 (proofs only)
Mintmark Style-016  used from 2008- Pres (proofs only)

Below is a guide for collectors who are looking to collect mintmark varieties.  The following years contained more
than one mintmark style:  1928, 1941, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1952, 1974, 1979, and 1981.
1928 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-002                        MMS-003
Small S                           Large S
1941 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-002                        MMS-004
Small S                      Serif (Large) S
1944 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-005                       MMS-006
Straight Serif S               Ball Serif S
1945 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-004                       MMS-006
Serif S                          Ball Serif S
1946 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-004             MMS-006            MMS-007
Serif S               Ball Serif S         Sans Serif S
1947 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-004                       MMS-007
Serif S                        Sans Serif S
1979 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-009                       MMS-010
Blob S (type I)                Clear S (type II)*
1981 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-010                      MMS-011
Clear S (type I)*             Clear S (type II)
*Note:  The 1979 S Type 2 mintmark is
the same as the 1981 S Type 1 mintmark.
1952 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-004                       MMS-008
Serif S                              Tall S
1974 S Mintmark Styles

MMS-008                       MMS-009
Tall S                              Blob S