The 1941 Small S and Large S
Mintmarks have changed design many times during the Lincoln Cent Series.  The most notable business
strike mintmark changes occurred in 1928 and 1941.  The most notable proof mintmark changes
occurred in 1979 and 1981.  All of these were S mintmark changes.  

The 1941 Small S mintmark has thicker serifs than the Large S.   The bottom loop has the same
thickness throughout in the Small S.   In the 1941 S the bottom loop narrows toward the bottom.

The 1940 S mintmark is the same as the 1941 small S mintmark.  The 1942 S mintmark is the same as
the Large S mintmark.  

Of the population of 92,360,000 1941 S cents made, it is estimated that between 7%-10% are Large S.

Although this variety is listed in the Red Book its popularity remain low.  It is a easy variety to obtain for
new collectors.